About Us


We specialise in blocked drains

Our reviews and reputation prove we are extremely helpful and trusted, so If you need a reliable, trained and competent team to help you with blocked drains and other drainage issues you might be facing, look no further than Waterways. With highly experienced drainage engineers, our experienced team are extremely proud to bring over 90 years of combined experience to every job we take on.

We are the complete professionals in blocked drains & repairing drainage systems using NO DIG/ TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY. Our experienced team have now installed thousands of metres using our new Bluelight Lining System & we can now carry out non-intrusive lining repairs with minimum site footprint, styrene free vinylester resin and minimum time on site.

About The Team

We understand how stressful it can be inviting a new contractor into your home or business.

The experienced team at Waterways are fully insured and accredited, with a huge amount of qualifications. 

Our combined experience is difficult to surpass. Whilst many other companies you employ will have separate lining and excavation teams, we have complete all-round capabilities without the need for additional sub-contractors. This keeps costs lower, and projects delivered with less delays.

Waterways & Mossy earth

Waterways has now teamed up with Mossy Earth reforestation and rewilding projects…….

Reforestation remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation and all the rewilding projects at Mossy Earth have as their main aim to restore ecosystems and promote biodiversity.