Horizontal Directional Drilling


Grundopit PS60

Property service connections for gas, water, electricity, fibre optic cables and sewer pressure pipes can be installed quickly and economically with the fluid-assisted mini drill rig GRUNDOPIT PS60. The GRUNDOPIT PS60 can be launched from out of a small pit or, if applicable, directly from a utility room in the basement. If the bore is carried out directly into the building, the brickwork is sealed with a wall duct and a head access hole in front of the building wall is not required. In addition to installing property service connections, crossings beneath traffic ways, rivers and brooks are easily achieved as well.

Despite its small external dimensions, the GRUNDOPIT PS60 provides a powerful stroke allowing for the application of rods with an effective length of 750 mm. With its high torque of 1,500 Nm, the maximum rotation number of 150 rpm and pushing and pulling forces of up to 6 t, working in difficult soil conditions is relatively trouble free.

The GRUNDOPIT PS40 was specially developed for a quicker, near-surface production of house connections. The extremely compact Mini-HDD is suitable for a particularly small pit, which fits into footpaths with its width of only 1 metre. That is why the GRUNDOPIT PS40 is ideal for the production of FTTH-connections directly from the footpath, under which the public fibre optics infrastructure normally runs.

Due to the low distance between the bore axis and the bottom of the starting pit, the bores can be started directly above the existing underground network from a flat starting pit.

Even house connections for water and electricity can be installed with the GRUNDOPIT PS40 uncomplicated, within the available infrastructure, up to the building. A coring unit can be applied to create a core bore in manhole or cellar walls and allow a direct installation without a head access hole. Thrust and pulling forces up to 4t enable the installation of pipes up to Ø 100 mm over max. 40 m lengths, even through challenging soils.