Impact Moling


impact moling
AKA - soil displacement hammers

The pneumatically driven hammers (“impact moles”) work according to the soil displacement method. When moving forward the spoil is displaced into the surrounding soil. That way a channel is produced into which short pipes with smooth sockets or long pipes made of plastic (PE, PVC or PE-X) up to OD 160 or cables are pulled in. Depending on the type of soil, lengths up to 25 m can either be pulled in directly or later on. For operation, a compressor with 6–7 bar operating pressure is required.

For more than five decades, the GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers stand for on-target underground pipe installation and high quality impact moling. Their high target accuracy is due to the 2-stroke principle. With this proven concept, the piston initially strikes the chisel, which advances in order to produce the bore hole and to destroy any obstacles along the way. The casing is impacted with the second stroke and pulled in with the pipe attached. That way peak resistance and casing friction are separated and alternately easier to overcome. This makes the GRUNDOMAT impact moles work dead on target even in stony grounds.

​Fully trained and competent by TractoTechnik as we take training and the skill of our engineers very seriously, so that we can offer the very best service to you.

​Using these moles can help minimise time on site and disruption to properties. Launch and receive pits can be excavated up to 15 metres apart and the mole fired underground. Impact moling is an environmentally friendly, fast and cost-efficient method of trenchless construction. Using an impact mole (also known as soil displacement hammer), pipes and cables can be laid trenchless via the “soil displacement method”. The soil displacement hammer is driven with compressed air, thereby an underground cavity is created into which pipes can be drawn.

You want to lay new pipes in your basement, e.g. due to a water pipe break? Or you want to install a charging station for your electric car in your garage? With the impact moling method this is possible without digging up and replanting the garden or damaging and re-paving the driveway in front of the garage.

Fast and efficient pipe laying and pipe renewal
Minimal surface damage
No / minimal impact on traffic or residents
More cost efficient than traditional trenching methods