Mains Water Pipe Replacement


Water Mains Replacement

We are approved by South West Water and fully insured & equipped to carry out all types of water mains work on your property.

From a 2” main up to 12” and above, we can repair or replace water mains with a variety of methods,  that range from a one off repair, right up to a full mains replacement scheme using the latest ‘No Dig’ techniques such as Directional Drilling or Moling, both of these methods can allow us to install up to 100m of pipe with only 2 holes excavated. If it’s not suitable for these methods, we can use the ‘open-cut’ method which involves digging a trench to lay the pipe in and then backfill it and reinstate it to the finished surface.

Leak Detection

We know the stress it can cause when you have a suspected water leak on your property. There are not only financial implications but a risk of structural damage to your property amongst other things. That is why we have specialist equipment that can pinpoint leaks on your pipes underground, saving you money if  you are on a metered supply. You may have noticed a surge in your water usage but no leaks are visible, we can visit your property and locate the leak and if needed, can repair or replace the pipe.

Pipe Installation & Replacements

If your house has an old lead pipe supplying it, you may suffer from poor flow or leaks that will  impede your boiler or shower from working efficiently or you may want to simply remove the lead pipe for health benefits. This is where we come into our own! Using our ‘mole’, we can renew your water pipe from the boundary stop tap and into your property and connect onto your existing pipework with minimal fuss.